Google Page Rank

Google Page Rank

Our New Linking Policy

The Background:
Since the changes Google made during the latter part of 2013 which resulted in many websites falling to the outer depths in Google’s index. We include ourselves here too, in that we fell considerably. The main reason for this was that our website was littered with links to poor websites, not entirely a fault of our own.   Therefore we have now completely reviewed our linking policy.

Part of Google’s big shake up was based on re-evaluating it’s original Page Rank policy, in that over the years many website owners have sourced inbound links to their websites as this was thought to improve Page Rank, resulting in higher rankings on it’s search engine. Many would simply pay for links and be subsequently added to websites including directories.

In the early days of the web this was encouraged as many new website owners were told to simply add their websites to directories, the general con-censors being that the more links you had pointing to your website the better. Although having links to your website from other relevant sources is still considered a plus were search engines are concerned, it’s now a difficult one to call. As this can effect both the provider and the recipient of the link.

Understandably this can be quite difficult when our primary objective is to help our visitors find great products and services on the web, by providing information and outbound links. Not to mention our core branding is based on providing links. Therefore this attracted attention from would-be link hunters, posting links to poor websites.

Although our website was first registered way back in May 2000 and no warnings have ever been issued, regarding our website content. We found that some businesses were told by third party SEO services that the links we provided were considered unnatural links. Not quite sure how they could know this. Although our traffic had seen a significant drop we never actually received any warnings from Google.

Let me make one thing clear we are not a link farm or a link scheme website, neither is it our intention to influence Page Rank on search engines. Have a Link is a Shopping and Business Portal with it’s primary aim being to help our visitors make a more informed choice when sourcing products and services online.

Although we cant fully endorse the products and services we publish we do our best to get it right, however please note you use the information at your own risk and we can’t accept liability if things go wrong with any of these products or services.

So what major changes have we made…
Google recommends that to address the issue, make sure that any paid links on your site don’t pass PageRank. You can remove any paid links or advertorial pages, or make sure that any paid hyperlinks have the rel=”nofollow” attribute.

Therefore we have since removed our directory and are reviewing the best course of action to implement a new one, plus any links we now publish on the website will have the rel=”nofollow” attribute.