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Shopping Online

Why do we need shopping portals?
Shopping portals can help online shoppers source great products online, although you would have to go a long way to compete with the likes of Amazon and eBay, as they continue to dominate the eCommerce market. Our aim at Have a Link is to provide information and links to some of the top online stores, sourcing products through our own research, or product reviews from visitors to our website.


How to build an eCommerce website.
If you have a product to sell then selling it online couldn’t be any easier than it is today. With sites like Big Commerce it couldn’t make selling online any easier. However there are many more alternatives to the many do it yourself options. Not forgetting eBay and Amazon selling your stuff online is now becoming as natural than having an email address. The problem we all face is the exposure you need to get your product in front of the prospective buyer.

Affiliate Marketing

How Affiliate Marketing plays it’s part.
Affiliate Marketing now plays a huge part in the eCommerce process, and more and more online retailers are using Affiliate Networks to help get their products to market. We are also affiliate publishers and have partnership with many of the top brands and retailers understandably we do benefit by providing links to many of the products we publish on our website, however our primary objective is to assist our visitors in making a more informed choice.

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